Men and Wisdom

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

As men, we are accountable to each other for one very important reason- wisdom.

Wisdom is best defined as “the sum of learning through the ages.”It’s essential for us as men to be able to learn from each others experiences. I like to think of it as starting at the end of a problem, and working through it via someone elses experience. That is how you heal from emotional scars, and most importantly, prevent bad things from happening in your life: outbursts of anger, rage, frustration, discouragement, and tension in your relationships.

This world puts a lot of pressure on us men. We start to feel trapped and misunderstood by everyone. We get frustrated by our wives/girlfriends and anyone else who has expectations of us. We feel uncertain about our future, career, money… it makes us angry.

You need to stop making excuses for your life. You need to get this crap off your chest, whatever it is. Otherwise, it’s going to lease space in your head and own you. It will absorb all of your strength. You can’t blame anyone else for this but yourself.

As men, we have a responsibility to each other to offer insight, experiences, and life lessons. If you sense another guy might have something eating him up inside, why not offer a listening ear? And if you are that guy dealing with rage, why not look to other men for help? Someone you look up to. A family member. A friend. A father figure. You just might be surprised at the support you’ll get.

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