RAGERadio is funded by listener support, on-air partnerships, and by the generous donors to RAGEWorks.

Current Need:

The current need of RAGERadio is to purchase airtime on 20 radio stations across the country.

Please Consider Donating Today

(any amount will help)

by mail: RAGEWorks  38 Talcott Street, Barrington, RI  02809

What is RAGEWorks?

RAGEWorks is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public service charity.  Founded in 2007, RAGEworks is dedicated to equipping men by providing positive outlets and resources to deal and lead their way through life .

The mission of RAGEWorks Inc. is to provide positive communication outlets for men

to become better leaders both at work and at home.

RAGEWorks founder, Dr. Michael LeRoux, created RAGEWorks and RAGERadio because men need to talk and have very few outlets to do so. “A man will never become the man he is supposed to be, all by himself.  He will always need another man to confront him, to uphold him, challenge him and sometimes set him strait.  However, most men don’t want to be diagnosed or labeled.  RAGEWorks and RAGERadio both offer camaraderie, resources and trustworthy, positive outlets,” says Dr. LeRoux.

This comes at price:

We are self-supporting through our own contributions.  Your support is needed, financially and physically.  It is how we keep engaging men, providing  them with printed material, and maintain a referral network called “the steam room,” our toll free hot line where a man can speak directly to a intervention specialist when they need it most.

volunteer, donate, do something……

Why ?

It’s simple…. We understand life is messy (financial issues, drugs, alcohol, gambling, trouble with the law) but every time a man checks out, that man just becomes weaker, kids and families are left to fend for themselves and the very fabric of the American family unit is torn.

now man up …………



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