What is RAGERadio?

Men don’t talk.  Why should they?  No man ever wants to admit he is depressed, sad, misunderstood, has bad self-esteem, but a man will tell you when he is pissed off, angry…full of Rage.  It is  an open door to man’s heart, where a man is most likely to open up or shut down.  It’s here where most men call it quits and  leaves it all behind.  If you doubt it……ask your dad.

Now let’s talk ……… men.

In a  “live” forum of real life, engaging  masculine conversation –  A safe harbor, designed specifically for that guy conflicted in the midst of his personal problem.  It doesn’t matter what it is…….. drugs, alcohol, porn addiction, gambling issues, legal issues, jobless, another bad decision,  or another relationship gone astray….who knows!  What we do know is this; it is all captured “live-on the air” in a talk radio format designed specifically for men and men only.  If your that guy who just can’t voice your issue live on the air because you’re just not ready to talk yet, then listen in.  Ladies, you can listen and comment on-line but the show is a true band of brothers.  No female comments will be broadcast on-air.

Listen to our demo: RAGERadio Demo

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